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Word Example of - gabardine

    Example Sentences for gabardine

    He spread out the skirts of his gabardine and pirouetted between the lines of tethered horses.

    He liked the look of a Burberry gabardine which lay beside him on the seat.

    He shook his gabardine jacket clear of his arm and stepped into the night.

    "Now, Bill, out with the bingo," said the man in the gabardine to his companion.

    I will make her dress as a man—what fun it will be to see Mrs. Dragon's portly form in trousers, and gabardine!

    He was tall and straight and the coat looked like a Jewish gabardine.

    We had overalls of two different materials: Burberry "gabardine" and the ordinary green kind that is used in Norway in the winter.

    The peddler's couch was empty, save for his gabardine of gray and the false hair that had served him for a beard.

    A porter took his kit-bag and wanted to relieve him also of the gun-case, the fishing-rod, and the gabardine.

    "Look alive, then," said Dick; and he forthwith took from beneath his gabardine several small parcels done up in brown paper.

Word Origin & History of - gabardine

    Word Origin & History

    gabardine 1590s, "dress, covering," variant of gaberdine. Meaning "closely woven cloth" is from 1904.

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