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Word Example of - g

    Example Sentences for g

    Stand upon your feet, or by G—— I'll spring upon you and tear you limb from limb!'

    Did I not hear some voice say g'la, and is not g'la the name of a fool?

    I did not follow the counsel of my grandmamma with the four g's in having an eye to my own safety.

    After all, it was not G—— S——'s husband that I met the other day.

    Do this on both sides of the major axis, and produce these lines so they cross the curved lines (G).

    Then he told the Frenchman he must pass for captain, and "by G—d," says he, "you are the captain."

    The tail of the g is inadequate, and the lines of writing are too near together.

    You g' 'long with your crows, an' look at me right, an' tell me if yo' modder said you might come.

    Dublin is the capital of the country, and is pronounced very much like the English word "doubling," with the final "g" omitted.

    The owner of the Bar Double G was quite unaware of any change of temperature.

Word Origin & History of - g

    Word Origin & History of - g

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