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Word Example of - funding

    Example Sentences for funding

    It is calculated, said he, to arrest the funding system, and to throw every thing into confusion.

    On the 18th the plan was adopted for funding the public debts.

    The impost asked for by Congress was, I have already observed, for the funding of our debts.

    But why, Mr. Chairman, should we hasten on this business of funding?

    Confederate money still depreciates, in spite of the funding act.

    We may gather all the roses of the funding system without its thorns.

    The funding system is not money; neither is it, properly speaking, credit.

    Hamilton's funding system was a scheme to corrupt the country.

    There was no difficulty in funding Southern certificates, when once they got into the hands of Northern speculators.

    For himself, he upheld the funding system, that is, the plan of shelving the debt upon the future.

Word Origin & History of - funding

    Word Origin & History of - funding

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