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Word Example of - froth

    Example Sentences for froth

    Returning, he blew at the froth on his own pot meditatively.

    He is really but the froth, riding lightly on the speculative current.

    When worked white, stir in the yelks of eight eggs, beaten to a froth, then the whites.

    The trap was champed and wet with blood and froth when Grogan came in the morning.

    He was fascinated by the froth and sparkle of the gold rush, and viewed its life and movement with an artist's eye.

    A stream of froth pours from his mouth like beaten-up white of egg.

    Brand sank, and again the giant man-eater writhed in agonized contortions and the sea showed masses of froth and dark blotches.

    "I am being driven to this," she thought dramatically and with the froth of her mind.

    The froth in this case was of the consistency of honey, so that when eaten cold it would gradually dissolve in the mouth.

    It is no fault of ours if such men run about in the sun and froth at the mouth.

Word Origin & History of - froth

    Word Origin & History

    froth c.1300, from O.N. froða, from Gmc. *freuth-. O.E. had afreoðan "to froth," from the same root. The modern derived verb is from late 14c. Related: Frothed; frothing.

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