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The Synonym of - font (noun)

Word Example of - font

    Example Sentences for font

    The font was probably rescued by some pious person, for the one now in the church is a fine Norman one, with cable moulding.

    The font was brought from the vicarage, probably being of the 15th century.

    He was about six years old, and as he stood at the font his face was lit up with so sweet a smile it touched us all.

    The Font is often, following ancient custom, octagonal in form.

    At the hour set for the ceremony, the clergyman enters the room first and takes his place at the font.

    I held her at the font, and christened her and stood godfather to her, and have brought her up.

    Pillbot glanced overhead nervously, then experimentally slid a font down the projection.

    The whole party then walk in procession three times round the font.

    The Font, erected in 1661, is a poor substitute for the one destroyed by the soldiers of Cromwell.

    In the font hundreds of white narcissi seemed to be growing.

Word Origin & History of - font

    Word Origin & History

    font "basin," O.E. font, from L. fons (gen. fontis) "fountain" (see fountain), especially in M.L. fons baptismalis "baptismal font."

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