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Word Example of - fleck

    Example Sentences for fleck

    A woman in a pink frock, with a scarlet sunshade, crossed the road, a little white dog running like a fleck of light about her.

    Any scintilla or fleck of truth I can pick off from a revolutionary, I take but I will not take him.

    Chief Fleck had spent a sleepless night trying to put two and two together.

    He knocked out the pipe, crushed a fleck of burning tobacco with his boot.

    A suppressed sob at his side caused Fleck to turn quickly and lay his finger on the trigger of his revolver.

    Nor has every fleck of color gone from the face of the out-of-doors.

    Fleck, as he recognized her, with an angry gesture of warning to be silent, turned back to hear what Otto was saying.

    She could have cried at a fleck in the miserable glass which spoiled her view.

    Came a day when in the paddock Dan Crimmins had seen that fleck of arterial blood on the handkerchief.

    He picked up one and blew a fleck of dust from it carefully.

Word Origin & History of - fleck

    Word Origin & History

    fleck early 15c., from O.N. flekka "to spot," from P.Gmc. *flekk- (cf. M.Du. vlecke, O.H.G. flec, Ger. Fleck). Related: Flecked; flecking. The noun is first recorded 1590s, probably from the verb.

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