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The Synonym of - flay (verb)

Word Example of - flay

    Example Sentences for flay

    The bridge-opener—when he found him he would take him into the desert and flay him alive; and find him he would.

    His invectives and vituperations bite and flay like steel whips.

    "If I hadn't got important business in hand, I'd stop and flay you for your insolence," his snarl said.

    To flay off your skin, that I may make me a warm cap against the winter.

    I forgot to say, that not having time to flay them, we had shoved them down the main hatchway, to wait till the next day.

    What an occupation—to flay his fellow-creatures and offer their skins for sale.

    O Rubicante, see thou plant thy clutches on him, and flay him!'

    Flay me an ape incontinent, to clap him to the dukes breast!

    Beware of bad people, who will catch you and flay you, cut you in two, and put you in the frying-pan!

    Tom surprised her in this tempest, and laughed at her until she longed to flay him.

Word Origin & History of - flay

    Word Origin & History

    flay O.E. flean "to skin" (strong verb, pt. flog, pp. flagen), from P.Gmc. *flakhanan (cf. M.Du. vlaen, O.N. fla), from PIE root *plak- (cf. Gk. plessein "to strike"). Related: Flayed; flaying.

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