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Word Example of - extract

    Example Sentences for extract

    She was then fed with the same amount of the extract as before.

    We extract it from the nineteenth volume of the Critical Review, p. 141.

    The extract is an efficient substitute for catechu and kino.

    If they can get that they can extract from the history what is most universal and permanent in its interest.

    For my part, I should have been delighted to extract the last vestige of flavour from fifty more such mouthfuls.

    From each of these visitors' memoranda I now extract an anecdote.

    In fact, it was an extract of these that was used in protecting the underground laboratory we just left.

    We extract information about things and actions from their images.

    They could extract nothing of value out of Robert, and left him after a brief visit.

    His other name, if any, I must leave you to extract from him yourself.

Word Origin & History of - extract

    Word Origin & History

    extract late 15c., from L. extractus, pp. of extrahere "draw out," from ex- "out" + trahere "to draw" (see tract (1)). Related: Extracted; extracting. The noun is first recorded 1540s.

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