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Word Example of - engagement

    Example Sentences for engagement

    Soon after he took an engagement in the band of the Prince of Donaueschingen.

    I was afraid you would go to her, and that your engagement would come on again.

    "I can't break my engagement to you this way, Jim," said she.

    Fifty-seven Spaniards were killed in the engagement, and many were wounded.

    "But must go soon after, as I have an engagement," added Arthur.

    She, who owed her engagement to his influence, and whose fortune and future were in his hands.

    For it appeared there was to be no engagement, although all Brookshire had expected it.

    I do not remember any engagement, but I can think of nothing at this moment.

    Go and gaze at one of our big ships coming out of an engagement home with all her flags flying and her crew manning the yards.

    During the engagement the Americans lost one man from sunstroke.

Word Origin & History of - engagement

    Word Origin & History

    engagement 1630s, formal promise, from engage + -ment. Meaning battle, fight is from 1660s; marriage sense is from 1742; meaning appointment is from 1806.

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