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    Moreover, Maspero has given a current translation in the "Contes Populaires," 2nd edit.

    I look to my editor to edit me—and to my illustrator to pull me through.

    He continued to edit Irish literature, to write on literature and fairy-lore for the magazines.

    For an account of the author, see the Biographia Britannica, edit.

    Row's Continuation of Blair's Autobiography, pp. 505, 506, edit.

    I'd rather be her husband than edit a dozen papers like yours.

    Had I been willing to edit in that way I could have continued, but I would not consent to follow such a course.

    It was interesting, but I should have preferred to edit the recapitulation.

    The extreme rarity of this book does not appear to have arisen from its utility—if the authority quoted by Vogt, p. 857, edit.

    They edit a paper in their society called the "Maile Wreath."

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    Word Origin & History

    edit see edition.

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