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Word Example of - ear

    Example Sentences for ear

    He still sat in his chair, his ear bent to the echoing chamber of the violin.

    His ear was well-tuned, and his diction was elegant and copious.

    He had listened in vain; not the faintest sound did his ear detect.

    I do not mean him particularly, nor those who have poisoned his ear; but all.

    But perhaps I've said too much; the facts are for his own ear solely.

    The ear is somewhat similar to that of man, but has no lower lobe.

    Pray you, do not think me Unworthy of your ear: it was your beauty That turn'd me statue.

    And will you have the goodness——' Here Scrooge whispered in his ear.

    Just then his ear was caught by a clear melodious voice singing.

    And that word sent its dismal echo even to Dea Flavia's ear.

Word Origin & History of - ear

    Word Origin & History of - ear

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