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Word Example of - each

    Example Sentences for each

    They absorbed her atmosphere and after each followed a period of mental asphyxy.

    Oscar and Bill kept up a shouted conversation with each other.

    And if we went in the usual way, we had got to go alone, each on us.

    Pen and Jane looked at each other and at the two men's grins of complaisance.

    When within a few rods of each other we ceased paddling, and drifted by with the momentum.

    From the first day I came upon you in the old library, we belonged to each other.

    If so, you must have one of each—a large one, I said—what the devil's the use of that?

    Over there the citizens of each country are practically of one race.

    The members of each branch of the Legislature are chosen biennially.

    The two children stood and looked at each other a few moments.

Word Origin & History of - each

    Word Origin & History

    each O.E. ælc "ever alike," from a "ever" + gelic "alike." Similar compounds are found in other Gmc. languages (cf. Du. elk, O.Fris. ellik). Originally used as we now use every (which is a compound of each) or all; modern use is by infl. of L. quisque. Modern spelling appeared late 1500s.

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