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The Synonym of - dynamite (verb)

Word Example of - dynamite

    Example Sentences for dynamite

    "Why can't we blow up the rocks with dynamite," suggested Tom.

    All the arms and ammunition and dynamite that could be obtained by them were hidden away.

    Kenneth had dynamite bombs with fuses ready for lighting and throwing.

    The dynamite, with the cap and fuse attached, was as McKildrick had placed it.

    He leaned back upon the cases of dynamite and passed a clammy hand over his brow.

    The dynamite is placed in holes bored into the massive timbers.

    Marriage, the dynamite of the soul; that was what hit Bobbie.

    I can only repeat,” said Cleigh, “that you are all playing with dynamite.

    They will be well armed and equipped with hand-grenades of dynamite.

    Is it any wonder the people meet in secret conclave and resort to dynamite?

Word Origin & History of - dynamite

    Word Origin & History

    dynamite 1867, from Sw. dynamit, coined 1867 by its inventor, Sw. chemist Alfred Nobel (1833-96), from Gk. dynamis "power." Fig. sense of "something potentially dangerous" is from 1922.

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