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Word Example of - distribute

    Example Sentences for distribute

    Some one gave Pambo gold to distribute in alms, and told him to count it.

    But it is only for genius to order, distribute and compose, in the other.

    As quickly as possible you must print as many copies as you can, and then distribute them all the winter.

    I talk to them as I distribute the boxes, that their attention may not flag.

    Vane, in the course of the evening, would bring me the money for me to distribute after the performance.

    They want to distribute the manufacturing load, and I'm quite willing that they should.

    There are three hundred and fifteen ounces in this purse, distribute them among the sufferers.

    If we distribute this labor cost on the face mortar over the 100 cu.

    And, after they had kissed the Queen and the little Princess, they began to distribute the presents.

    Get all the boys you can, and distribute the specials everywhere—anywhere.

Word Origin & History of - distribute

    Word Origin & History

    distribute mid-15c., from L. distribut-, pp. stem of distribuere (see distribution). Related: Distributed; distributing.

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