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Word Example of - disinclined

    Example Sentences for disinclined

    Nor are his Prussian Majesty's present ministers at all disinclined to the same system.

    I felt hungry and greedy and very sad, and disinclined to fight.

    I hope he will not be disinclined to accompany me to the environs.

    The sailors considering it delicious, are disinclined to move on.

    This did not incline me more towards Lady Anne, but it disinclined me towards marriage.

    Doubtless, too, he would be tired after his journey and disinclined for such a function.

    The grub, disinclined for persistent labour, does not bore the wood.

    Brown was thinking, and Atkins seemed moody and disinclined to talk.

    In such patients I should be disinclined to allow the use of amyl.

    I do not recollect any other occasion on which I found him disinclined to talk.

Word Origin & History of - disinclined

    Word Origin & History

    disinclined 1640s, from dis- + pp. adj. from incline.

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