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Word Example of - dishonesty

    Example Sentences for dishonesty

    Could you possibly become confirmed in dishonesty, you, my son?

    With his own direct standards of conduct it was equivalent to dishonesty.

    The coiners received seven-eighths of a dollar per thousand, and instances of dishonesty were rarely known.

    The neglect of this study on the part of the latter, is an act of dishonesty.

    It is not necessary to assume, however, that the Virginia planters were noted for dishonesty in matters of business.

    At the sound of his name she slid forward, and all her dishonesty left her.

    With the press in our hands, we can turn wrong into right, dishonesty into honesty.

    Then when I did prove it, I saw only dishonesty in the kitchen, and extravagance and mismanagement of my own.'

    Many politicians seem undecided how to turn, and so sit on the fence between honesty and dishonesty.

    Here are no quarrels or contentions, and there is no dishonesty.

Word Origin & History of - dishonesty

    Word Origin & History

    dishonesty late 14c., "disgrace, shame, want of honor," from O.Fr. deshonesté (see dishonest). Meaning "want of honesty" is recorded from 1590s.

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