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Word Example of - discontinuance

    Example Sentences for discontinuance

    Ex abusu non argumentum ad desuetudinem—The abuse of a thing is no argument for its discontinuance.

    There is no hint of its discontinuance in the new dispensation.

    But he advises the President, to whom he professes to be very friendly, to order a discontinuance of seizures, etc.

    He had fully appreciated the discontinuance of the whispers, and was aware of the cause.

    The immediate effect of the discontinuance of the drill was to make the school quite another place.

    But the club, as a club, was not averse to a discontinuance of the present state of things.

    The abandonment, however, of their larger design did not involve any discontinuance of their accustomed mode of warfare.

    When I read this I tried to think out the reason for the discontinuance.

    No notice of discontinuance need be given, as the Magazine is never sent after the term of Subscription expires.

    They, however, failed to show the discontinuance of the office.

Word Origin & History of - discontinuance

    Word Origin & History of - discontinuance

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