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Word Example of - disconnect

    Example Sentences for disconnect

    It is also unlikely that any operational construct, no matter how brilliantly conceived, could overcome such a disconnect.

    When the tower acknowledged, he began to disconnect himself from the ship.

    Disconnect the main switch, and determine the size of the wires in each circuit.

    We disconnect the Subterro anti-bends kimonos and peel them off.

    In case it was necessary to disconnect on one side of a compound engine, how would you cover ports and hold valves in position?

    If not, disconnect the ground wire and examine all connections.

    Nothing more, Max, go to the kitchen and disconnect until you hear from us.

    He tried to disconnect and isolate their words, but they all seemed to run together.

    These ideas were meant to disconnect 'the cat' in thought from the site it sat upon.

    It was impossible to disconnect the two; coincidences of that sort did not happen.

Word Origin & History of - disconnect

    Word Origin & History

    disconnect 1770, from dis- + connect. Related: Disconnected.

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