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Word Example of - dilute

    Example Sentences for dilute

    Boil this water for an hour, adding a pinch of salt, and use it to dilute the milk instead of water.

    First dilute the flour and the sugar in the water, then add the lard.

    It is heated to boiling, and dilute sulphuric acid is added till no further precipitation takes place.

    Preserve in a bottle, and when needed, dilute in a tumbler of ice water.

    When this is the case, it is placed once more in the dilute sulphuric acid.

    For use, heat the soup and dilute it to the preferred consistency.

    And in the third place the mere presence of another male at Casa Grande seems to dilute the acids of home life.

    Boiled in dilute acids it splits into murrayetin and glucose.

    Dilute with an equal amount of pure water, add commercial sulphuric acid, allowing it to flow gently down the inside of the tube.

    Find the bottle marked "HCl, dilute 1-3," in which the acid is already diluted.

Word Origin & History of - dilute

    Word Origin & History

    dilute 1550s, from L. dilutus, pp. of diluere "dissolve, wash away, dilute," from dis- "apart" + -luere, comb. form of lavere "to wash" (see lave). Related: Diluted.

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