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Word Example of - depress

    Example Sentences for depress

    Her manner at the same time seemed to depress him and yet to fill him with hope.

    Not even the fact that there were no caddies left and I had to carry my own clubs could depress me.

    It only needed a great shock to depress him to make his case hopeless.

    And now, sir, you must not allow this slight hemorrhage to depress you.

    There was nothing in the evening whose external phenomena could depress any human heart.

    The rain, however, did not depress the spirits of the party a whit.

    On the contrary, it is to their direct advantage to depress the price to the lowest possible point.

    Depress the gun slightly; that shot went over them,” said Jack.

    The normal function of pain is to depress, that of pleasure is to heighten.

    Wade did not depress the muzzle, if I recollect aright, at all.

Word Origin & History of - depress

    Word Origin & History

    depress early 14c., from O.Fr. depresser, from L.L. depressare, freq. of L. deprimere "press down," from de- "down" + premere "to press" (see press (v.1)).

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