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Word Example of - depreciate

    Example Sentences for depreciate

    Unused are not likely to depreciate, and they may appreciate.

    Far be it from me, Sir, to depreciate merit so extraordinary.

    It is not pleasant to incur the suspicion of an inclination to injure or depreciate particular branches of knowledge.

    It is no compliment to the Creator to depreciate His handiwork.

    There was a body of advanced Christians who did not content themselves with not observing the law, but went on to depreciate it.

    It has been usual to depreciate modern languages when compared with ancient.

    If so, it is for you to explain why you blame me and depreciate my life and call it miserable.

    She liked to hear him praised, and, woman-like, began to depreciate him faintly.

    It is still easier to depreciate both; and both have been depreciated.

    His part on the other hand was to depreciate their importance.

Word Origin & History of - depreciate

    Word Origin & History

    depreciate 1640s, from L. depretiatus, pp. of depretiare, from de- "down" + pretium "price" (see price). Related: Depreciatory.

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