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Word Example of - deposition

    Example Sentences for deposition

    "And qualified to administer an oath and take your deposition," said the minister.

    No ulcer can heal, unless the absorption from it is as great as the deposition in it.

    The investigating judge likewise found the greater part of his commission accomplished, which was the deposition of the auditors.

    Not that he had any doubt about the deposition of Marie Pascal.

    With great tact he conspired to form a confederacy for the deposition of Adolphus.

    And this deposition is subscribed by the said sworn interpreter.

    The pure administration of justice dates from the deposition of Macclesfield.

    Since the deposition of his friend and master, King Richard, he had never appeared there.

    Deposition of M. Thiers before the commission of inquiry, p. 12.

    Accounts differ as to the mode in which he received the sentence of deposition.

Word Origin & History of - deposition

    Word Origin & History

    deposition c.1400, "dethronement, putting down from dignity or authority," from O.Fr. deposition (12c.), from L. depositionem, noun of action from deponere (see deposit). Meaning "giving of testimony under oath" is from late 15c. Meaning "action of depositing" is from 1590s. Properly, deposition belongs to deposit, but deposit and depose have become totally confused and English deposition partakes of senses belonging to both.

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