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Word Example of - deflate

    Example Sentences for deflate

    It may tend to deflate our ego to think that there may be intelligent beings not too different from us who are advanced beyond us.

    But Millaird's tone, intended to deflate, had no effect on the major.

    On landing they would solemnly don their clothes, deflate the skins, and go their way.

    German cockroaches may attack newly molted nymphs of their own kind and cause them to deflate (Gould and Deay, 1938).

    It seemed most everyone was rushing to deflate the pizza bubble and end our love affair with the anchovy.

    A reference to the elegant contingency of Gatton sufficed to deflate a good deal of eloquence.

Word Origin & History of - deflate

    Word Origin & History

    deflate 1891, in reference to balloons, coinage based on inflate. L. deflare meant "to blow away," but in the modern word the prefix is taken in the sense of "down." Deflation in reference to currency or economic situations is from 1920.

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