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Word Example of - definitely

    Example Sentences for definitely

    He was conscious that he must decline now, and definitely, and the insistence of her request made the duty harder every second.

    From the perspective assumed so far, the answer is definitely no.

    Howitt believes that the ceremony is performed by the men of the totem, but is not prepared to say so definitely.

    How definitely better was he than any other being that had ever crossed her path!

    Not that the reaction is so definitely formulated in the moment of experience; but this is something of what is felt.

    I say, let us put the question reverently, but let us also put it clearly and definitely.

    She felt it, through the darkness, as definitely as though he had been in the same room, with his face full in the light.

    The reader's attention is specially and definitely called to the date.

    Bok realized that he could not definitely show any one the way.

    Definitely there was a time when an exception to general E policy should be made.

Word Origin & History of - definitely

    Word Origin & History

    definitely 1580s, from definite (q.v.). As a colloquial emphatic word, attested by 1931.

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