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Word Example of - deep

    Example Sentences for deep

    Hopkins's brow was clouded, and he sat down with an air of deep dejection.

    "You left me with Gomez," began the girl, taking a deep breath.

    Age had steeped him deep in black wisdom, not weakened his powers of evil.

    "There's no sense in going off the deep end because a girl turns you down," he said.

    He sucked in a deep breath, and then began to whistle because his spirits were high.

    Daniel Boone was a boy who lived on the edge of the deep woods in Pennsylvania.

    There are some, on the other hand, who ascribe to the story a deep spiritual meaning.

    Hnossa had such fear from this dream that she had fallen into a deep sorrow.

    In a deep silence and immovable, the others watched him as if under a spell.

    The cry is so deep and loud, that it resembles that of a wild beast.

Word Origin & History of - deep

    Word Origin & History

    deep O.E. deop, from P.Gmc. *deupaz, from PIE *d(e)u- "deep, hollow" (cf. O.C.S. duno "bottom, foundation," O.Ir. domun "world," via sense development from "bottom" to "foundation" to "earth" to "world"). Figurative sense was in O.E.; extended 16c. to color, sound. Deep pocket "wealth" is from 1951. Deep-freeze was a registered trademark (U.S. Patent Office, 1941) of a type of refrigerator; used generically for "cold storage" since 1949. To go off the deep end "lose control of oneself" is slang first recorded 1921, probably in reference to the deep end of a swimming pool, where a person on the ...surface can no longer touch bottom. When 3-D films seemed destined to be the next wave and the biggest thing to hit cinema since "talkies," they were known as deepies (1953). The gods have spared us.

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