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Word Example of - decreased

    Example Sentences for decreased

    The limitation has come, of course, from two directions; decreased earning power and increased expenses.

    If the distance be trebled, then the intensity will be decreased 1/9.

    He quickened his pace until we had decreased the distance which divided us by about half.

    As the wind had decreased she was making sail; rapidly she neared them.

    The private boxes were decreased in number, but the new price of admission to the boxes was maintained.

    In turn, this resulted in decreased acuteness of these functions.

    Though they have decreased in numbers, the decrease is by no means as great as of the blacktail, and a good many can be shot yet.

    The guns are booming away, but the sniping has decreased to-day.

    The duty on spirits in Ireland and Scotland was decreased from 5s.

    When in feeding China you have decreased the European shipments, the effect is instantaneous.

Word Origin & History of - decreased

    Word Origin & History

    decrease late 14c., from O.Fr. pp. stem of descreistre, from L. decrescere, from de- "away from" + crescere "to grow" (see crescent).

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