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Word Example of - debase

    Example Sentences for debase

    To call these men statesmen is to debase the name, but they ruled the State, thanks to my Lady Castlemaine.

    Where is the man who will not debase himself if he be in want?

    Twelve men, picked from an alphabetical list, may not be judges of art, but they will not debase morality.

    If visions of truth and beauty can exalt, visions of vice can debase and degrade.

    There were thousands of soldiers who became lions to fight, hyenas to snarl, beasts to debase, hogs to wallow.

    I will not debase what I have to say by resorting to comparisons.

    Let not one who desires to reform be compelled to associate with those who are almost sure to degrade and debase him.

    Prosperity and luxury, gradually extinguishing sympathy, and puffing up with pride, harden and debase the soul.

    He is to be shunned as an offence; as debased himself, and therefore anxious to debase.

    It is the curse of slavery, that it can touch nothing which it does not debase.

Word Origin & History of - debase

    Word Origin & History

    debase 1568, from base "low," on analogy of abase.

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