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Word Example of - dapper

    Example Sentences for dapper

    It was Lasalle, and with him was a lame gentleman, very neatly dressed in black with dapper ruffles and cuffs.

    The dapper little officer in khaki was Aguinaldo, and this is the story of how I saw him.

    They went to where they found the dapper warriors standing in the court in a great press of welcoming knights.

    Major Forsyth arrived in time for tea, red-faced, dapper, and immaculate.

    A genial gentleman, the druggist, white-coated and dapper, stepping affably about the fragrant-smelling store.

    He struck me as a dapper man, noticeably, but not offensively, self-satisfied.

    Before the car I was in had started, a dapper little fellow—he would be called a dude at this day—stepped in.

    Tarling was haggard and weary, in contrast to the dapper inspector of police.

    No, Hamilcar Urgos dapper figure was as evanescent as the mirage, but there was another which appeared to replace it.

    He was a dapper little Frenchman and had arrived in evident haste.

Word Origin & History of - dapper

    Word Origin & History

    dapper c.1440, from M.Du. or M.L.G. dapper "bold, strong, sturdy," from P.Gmc. *dapraz; perhaps with ironical shift of meaning.

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