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The Synonym of - dame (noun)

Word Example of - dame

    Example Sentences for dame

    Dame, I grieve to tell you that your knight has been somewhat hurt in his hunting.

    One for my mas-ter, One for my dame, And one for the lit-tle boy That lives in our lane.

    Each gentleman escorted a dame wearing a coat of satin cramoisy over a fur-edged round skirt la Portuguaise.

    The lady-housekeeper is expressly called in one story Dame Holle.

    "That was not the worst of it," continued Dame Brinker, knitting slowly and trying to keep count of her stitches as she talked.

    "Thank you, dear Dame, for your kind nursing," I said to Barbara.

    According to this code, the baron could say to his female vassal: "Dame, you owe service of marriage."

    I saw them drag the dame in also, and then I closed my eyes.

    I had been sent, previous to my father's death, to a dame's school.

    Another, rather rarer, is the 'dame's rocket,' also a night flower.

Word Origin & History of - dame

    Word Origin & History

    dame early 13c., from O.Fr. dame, from L.L. domna, from L. domina "lady, mistress of the house," from L. domus "house" (see domestic). Legal title for the wife of a knight or baronet. Slang sense of "woman" first attested 1902 in Amer.Eng.

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