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The Synonym of - daddy (noun)

Word Example of - daddy

    Example Sentences for daddy

    “See what Daddy sent us,” she said, holding up the package for him to see.

    "None of that, Daddy," Peggy said, appearing from the kitchen.

    But he had not any such message for Daddy Joe, and felt trivial in his mask.

    When I came away Daddy said to me: 'Josie, beware that imagination of yours.

    "You're looking for your Bobby, and I'm searching for my daddy," said Puss, sadly.

    A smile of benevolence passed over Daddy Tantaine's features.

    Daddy Martin came hurrying in from where he was getting ready to run the automobile under a shed.

    But Daddy Tantaine excused himself on the plea that he had just been drinking.

    "Maybe we'd better see what it is," he added, speaking to Daddy Blake.

    "We didn't have a finger in packing this trunk," Daddy answered for him.

Word Origin & History of - daddy

    Word Origin & History

    daddy c.1500, colloquial dim. of dad. Daddylonglegs is from 1814; daddy-o is first recorded 1949, from bop talk.

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