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The Synonym of - daddies (noun)

Word Example of - daddies

    Example Sentences for daddies

    Their daddies are all oil kings, and these youngsters will inherit fortunes.

    Most of them prefer to draw pictures and play about with their Daddies—just like Taffy.

    But won't your mamas and daddies be worried because you have been away from home so long?

    The father swore he could lick the daddies of all the boys one at a time.

    Dutch daddies had their baby boys christened with the name of Leeuw, which is their word for the king of beasts.

    They—naturally enough—know more than their daddies, and they show it.

    It would be almost worse if there were only Mamas and no Daddies.

    I often hear men sighing for the old knife of their daddies.

    The young chaps belonged over in Kentucky—daddies rich, and they didn't care a snap!

    Then, too, Forestburg was a Knownothing stronghold, and we fell naturally into our daddies' way of thinking.

Word Origin & History of - daddies

    Word Origin & History

    daddy c.1500, colloquial dim. of dad. Daddylonglegs is from 1814; daddy-o is first recorded 1949, from bop talk.

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