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The Synonym of - dad (noun)

Word Example of - dad

    Example Sentences for dad

    "She's as obstinate as dad's old mu-el," grunted the disgusted boy.

    "Dad knows me, and he wouldn't have blamed you," said Diana cheerily.

    But dad and I and the guide paid our money, got into an elevator and began to go up.

    It isn't quite as large as the Royal Poinciana, but dad says it is just as good.

    Why, hedhonestly, dad would just kick me, if I took his advice.

    Won't Hiram know that the letter isn't in his dad's handwritin'?

    "Dad—you're simply stunning—you two," Roy said quietly, but with clear conviction.

    Only dad I got in the world, and here you go to throwin' cold water on his motives.

    But my dad used to wander about He's a sporting old bird and likes to know what's going on.

    They said it was all right, that they knew you were a friend of Dad's.

Word Origin & History of - dad

    Word Origin & History of - dad

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