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The Synonym of - dactyls (noun)

Word Example of - dactyls

    Example Sentences for dactyls

    Then that scene where she and the king dance the dactyls, and the anapaests go to the chorus.

    Tennyson's Vastness may also be studied for its combinations of trochees, dactyls, and spondees.

    In this last factor, I believe, lies the explanation of the extreme brevity of dactyls appearing in three-rhythms.

    The vehemence of the captain's applause is admirably displayed by the quantity of dactyls in the second line of this stanza.

    Spondees may take the place of the dactyls in the first part, but not in the second.

    Thus in the Greek Hexameter the dactylic lines—those most abounding in dactyls—serve best to convey the idea of rapid motion.

    The following lines defy all efforts at reading in dactyls or spondees, and require an almost complete transposition of accent.

    Who could be bothered with dactyls and spondees when goal-posts and touch-lines were far more to the point?

    The Dactylic Pentameter consists of two parts, each of which contains two dactyls, followed by a long syllable.

    Dac′tylar, Dactyl′ic, relating to or consisting chiefly of dactyls.

Word Origin & History of - dactyls

    Word Origin & History

    dactyl late 14c., from Gk. dactylos "finger," of unknown origin; the metrical use (a long syllable followed by two short ones) is by analogy with the three joints of a finger.

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