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Word Example of - dactylic

    Example Sentences for dactylic

    A dactylic origin of V as an open hand, complete with outstretched thumb, has been favoured.

    In dactylic hexameter how many of these feet are there in a line?

    Miurus, mī-ū′rus, n. a dactylic hexameter with short penultimate syllable.

    The metre of the song is dactylic; the accents being on the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th syllables.

    This may occur when the accent is on the first syllable of a foot; that is, when the foot is trochaic or dactylic.

    That is, if he ever was an infant, and called for his bottle in dactylic hexameter.

    Dolichurus, dol-i-kū′rus, n. a dactylic hexameter with a redundant syllable at the end, the sixth foot being a dactyl.

    Thus in the Greek Hexameter the dactylic lines—those most abounding in dactyls—serve best to convey the idea of rapid motion.

    Young gentlemen, there's a capital start on a fine, sonorous line, dactylic hexameter.

    The general anapaestic or dactylic rhythm is much disturbed by the iambic fourth line of the first stanza.

Word Origin & History of - dactylic

    Word Origin & History

    dactylic 1580s, from L. dactylicus, from Gk. daktylikos, from daktylos (see dactyl).

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