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Word Example of - dachshunds

    Example Sentences for dachshunds

    Dachshunds are close to the ground, with tiny, crooked legs, and bodies that look like frankfurter sausages.

    But when I asked him plainly, "Are you in favour of keeping out the dachshunds?"

    The hen could run just a trifle faster than the dachshunds; and the dachshunds just a trifle faster than the Captain.

    Dachshunds for extreme courage and cleverness in showing up a dangerous nest of spies.

    The two dachshunds have been sold to some one in Neulengbach and so it is so horribly dull.

    They were dachshunds, very long and low, and very alike except that one was a little bigger and a little browner than the other.

    When the dachshunds should pounce on their natural prey, the medium-size game, poor Tommy would be at the bottom of the heap.

    At any rate, the hen finally blundered, the dachshunds fell upon her—and the Captain swung his polo mallet.

    It should be pointed out, however, that dachshunds are still sold in lengths.

    Five typical "sickening thuds" were heard; five dachshunds literally sailed through the air to fall in quivering heaps.

Word Origin & History of - dachshunds

    Word Origin & History

    dachshund 1881, from Ger. Dachshund, from Dachs, from common I.E. word for "badger" (cf. L. taxus, taxo) + Hund "dog." Probably so called because the dogs were used in badger hunts, their long, thin bodies bred to burrow into setts.

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