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Word Example of - dachshund

    Example Sentences for dachshund

    So with the Dachshund, yet the classes at the London shows are always well filled.

    If mere quaintness of design be desired, is there not already the Dachshund!

    But the dachshund paid no attention to him; he trotted back to the house as fast as his short legs could carry him.

    "That's my uncle Ethelbert's dachshund," he remarked, at the beginning of the lecture.

    Opposite him on the same sill a dachshund reposed on her paws, regarding her master affectionately.

    If cats were dachshund dogs, and I wasn't so fond of dogs, I would be deadly.

    St. George was going to give me a dachshund, but they do look so bored to tears, I think it would depress me having one about.

    Just give me a chance at that dachshund of a Kaiser with my two bare hands!

    Mark Twain remarked about a dachshund that it seemed to want another pair of legs in the middle to prevent it sagging.

    A dachshund has absolutely no sense of humour or lightness of spirits.

Word Origin & History of - dachshund

    Word Origin & History

    dachshund 1881, from Ger. Dachshund, from Dachs, from common I.E. word for "badger" (cf. L. taxus, taxo) + Hund "dog." Probably so called because the dogs were used in badger hunts, their long, thin bodies bred to burrow into setts.

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