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Word Example of - dabbling

    Example Sentences for dabbling

    I should explain that I was dabbling in finance just then, fairly successfully, and had transactions with Ravengar.

    And instead of dabbling in religion for myself I put myself in its hands.

    Worse,—he has been dabbling in Wall Street and may lose every cent he has.

    That's rather hard on the rest of us who are dabbling in politics.

    The motion of the bill in dabbling crushed the food, and facilitated its introduction into a pipe placed beneath the lower bill.

    I knew just how they did feel inside while they were dabbling their toes in the water.

    While translating Pliny and dabbling in chemistry, Shelley was not wholly neglectful of Etonian studies.

    On through a farm-yard, marked by a shell-hole in which some ducks were dabbling.

    If there's a pot o' rebellion brewing between the twa poles, women will be dabbling in it.

    His hand, which was hanging out of his bunk, was dabbling idly in water.

Word Origin & History of - dabbling

    Word Origin & History

    dabble 1550s, frequentative of dab. Original meaning was "wet by splashing;" modern fig. sense first recorded 1625.

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