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Word Example of - dabbler

    Example Sentences for dabbler

    The passage which begins αἰ αἰ ταὶ μαλάχαι every dabbler in Greek literature knows by heart.

    The Irish archbishop, compared to him, appears a dabbler in Romanism.

    It is among the possibilities that you, a dilettante, a dabbler, may solve the secret of all the ages past and to come.

    He was an encourager of learning and the arts, and a dabbler in science.

    He was a dabbler in light verse, and had been elected to the college funny paper.

    The Controller who bred me was only a dabbler in such things.

    Ling′uist, one skilled in tongues or languages; Ling′uister, a dabbler in philology.

    There is some odor about a dabbler that makes him especially offensive to all clean high-class men and women.

    It is yellowed now, and poor always; for I am but a dabbler at such things.

    Who would believe That a poet, dabbler in every sort of folly, May turn discreet when mysterious love beckons?

Word Origin & History of - dabbler

    Word Origin & History

    dabble 1550s, frequentative of dab. Original meaning was "wet by splashing;" modern fig. sense first recorded 1625.

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