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Word Example of - dabble

    Example Sentences for dabble

    He took off his linen painting sleeves, and began to dabble his fingers in a pan of turpentine.

    I said I didn't think it was any use to dabble; we ought to go to the root of everything.

    To dabble among dishes in a bedroom may perhaps make clean the body; but the imagination takes no share in such a cleansing.

    Marjorie was saying as she continued to dabble in the water.

    There is always plenty of virtuous indignation ready for those foolish persons who dabble in stocks.

    But for this the turf would be a very poor thing to dabble in.

    Their eyes and teeth made such a flashing as when you dabble a hand in a dark waterpool.

    Abruptly, the temptation to dabble her feet in the creek presented itself to her.

    Did Rhett impress you as a man who might dabble in black magic practice to gain his ends?

    I like her, even though she does dabble in literature; and I like Hinton too.

Word Origin & History of - dabble

    Word Origin & History

    dabble 1550s, frequentative of dab. Original meaning was "wet by splashing;" modern fig. sense first recorded 1625.

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