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Word Example of - dab

    Example Sentences for dab

    When dry, dab it with a pad moistened in ordinary lime water.

    "It's my own hair, Jenny Walters," said Dab, almost savagely.

    She turned from bread mixing, a dab of flour on her red, kind face.

    But a dab of varnish, a touch of gilding here and there, was all that was necessary.

    She suddenly seemed to realize that she was crying, and took a handkerchief out of her sleeve to dab at her eyes and face.

    They dab a splotch of sheep-dip on the place and go right ahead.

    It put up a furtive, shamed hand to dab at its cheeks, and saw that the one who sat in the pew just ahead was doing likewise.

    He forgets the force of example, however much of a dab he may be at precept.

    Looking up, he fingered his waste modestly and blushed through a dab of crude-petroleum over his eye.

    The mutilated cell shall stay as it is, with never a dab of mortar.

Word Origin & History of - dab

    Word Origin & History

    dab c.1300, "heavy blow with a weapon," from dabben "to strike," perhaps imitative. Modern sense of "strike with a slight, quick pressure" developed by 1590s, infl. by Fr. dauber (see daub). Dab hand is British slang, 1828, from dab "expert" (1691), said to be school slang, of unknown origin.

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