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Word Example of - da

    Example Sentences for da

    Da is jes like apples in a tub—yo' shoves 'em under, an' up da pops, bright as eber.

    To use a metaphor from music, her life is a piece marked "Da capo."

    Doan ax me how da'll fine out who tole on 'em, fur I lay da knows dis minit.

    But my 'Tilda is the only star of the evening for me, to-night.

    Then, with a most offensive smirk playing about his mouth, said: Tank-a da Signora, my a da pard.

    Da Sanhao was a Brazilian wrestler stranded here by the war.

    Da's de habit an' perfession,' he say, 'ez sholy 'bout right fo' you.'

    Your grandda had to pay heavy for your da and your Uncle Matthew and me.

    Da Souza watched him curiously with the benevolent smile still upon his face.

    You'll be a great fellow, John, if you turn out to be like your da.

Word Origin & History of - da

    Word Origin & History of - da

    We're sorry, we couldn't find da. the Word Origin & History of the word you requested. We'll soon we attach da Word Origin & History of the word to our database. thank you to visit our online dictionary.

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