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Word Example of - curtailed

    Example Sentences for curtailed

    The human race was already becoming degenerate, since it curtailed its homage and its offerings to the dead!

    If this period is curtailed the temperature must be raised accordingly.

    The wind blew out of Ferrol, and the curtailed scheme for an assault on it, and on Terceira too, had to be abandoned.

    I fear our short rations for man and horse will have to be curtailed.

    The prelude in C♯ major, in the first set, he has curtailed by striking out thirty-five bars.

    It was itself printed from a copy which had been curtailed for acting purposes.

    Whether the Stories generally seem to you to be curtailed so much that they do not leave any such impression as in the Original.

    If the salary is cut down the pleasure and benefit of the furlough are curtailed.

    It was revived in a curtailed form seven years later, and finally, remodelled and enlarged, was reproduced in 1884.

    The right of public meeting was curtailed, till it disappeared altogether.

Word Origin & History of - curtailed

    Word Origin & History

    curtail late 15c., from M.Fr. courtault "made short," from court "short," from L. curtus (see curt) + -ault pejorative suffix of Gmc. origin. Originally curtal; used of horses with docked tails, which probably influenced the spelling.

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