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Word Example of - culmination

    Example Sentences for culmination

    This is the reason why the culmination is usually set well along toward the conclusion of the story.

    Thus she sends him on beyond herself, and reaches her culmination in this Book.

    The building of towers and churches with horses brings the mental confusion of the child to its culmination.

    It will be noted that the date of culmination is given in almost every case.

    The culmination of a speech is in its peroration; of a poem in its incorporated envoi.

    It is an outgrowth and culmination of instincts, a fusion of them into a new product.

    The culmination of this particular phase of the caucus was most dramatic.

    The publication of this book marked the culmination of his literary career.

    This was felt by the Jews as a culmination of their misery, that they became a derision to their enemies.

    This appeared to be a culmination of the annoyances to which he had been subjected.

Word Origin & History of - culmination

    Word Origin & History

    culmination 1630s, noun of action from culminate. Originally a term in astronomy/astrology; fig. use is from 1650s.

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