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Word Example of - crossing

    Example Sentences for crossing

    I found them down yonder where he had left them after crossing the warm spring.

    We took a pilot, and as we had no difficulty in crossing the bar, we were soon in the river.

    “That is the Holy Inquisition,” said the widow, crossing herself.

    You just ought to have seen him take this boat through Helena crossing.

    Two warriors had left the lodge of Brown Mink and were crossing the pen.

    On the 13th they came to the banks of a wide creek or bayou, which they had no means of crossing.

    It was slowly gliding out into some open ground, with the intention of crossing to a thicket upon the other side.

    "I fear we have not mended matters by crossing the desert," said Jane, sadly.

    When crossing a broad stream it is slightly undulating, though always direct.

    After this, I will have some one stationed at that crossing to warn passers-by.

Word Origin & History of - crossing

    Word Origin & History

    cross "ill-tempered," 1630s, probably from 16c. sense of "contrary, athwart," especially with reference to winds and sailing ships, from cross (n.).

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