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Word Example of - cross-examination

    Example Sentences for cross-examination

    There is no doubt that we could discredit the evidence, and even smash it up in cross-examination.

    It was as though he himself were carrying on a cross-examination.

    His cross-examination was a merciless hail of verbal rifle-fire.

    No amount of cross-examination could elicit any further information.

    The capitalist, Ricardo's social mainspring, required at least cross-examination.

    Pope's cross-examination had effected nothing, and the judge was against him.

    With cross-examination he was familiar enough, but he did not relish the part of witness.

    He felt that he had made some progress up to that point with his cross-examination.

    If Short accomplished anything on cross-examination, it did not appear in the newspaper record.

    Slocum repeated his story on the stand and was unshaken by Bradley's cross-examination.

Word Origin & History of - cross-examination

    Word Origin & History of - cross-examination

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