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Word Example of - crease

    Example Sentences for crease

    If a crease has been made by the thread running through it, take it out and put in a new one.

    I punched a hole with a pin in the crease of the envelope at each end.

    On woolen goods or material that does not crease easily it is necessary to baste the first fold.

    The other Etonian is already within a couple of yards of the crease.

    Lay on a pan or perforated sheet, then crease marked squares half through the dough with a spatula or the back of a knife.

    With a crease in his lips which now were dry no longer, he looked at Cassy.

    On the garment side make a crease half an inch wide, from the hemming, on the four sides.

    Crease and fold on these diagonals, extending the triangle inward.

    Follow the same directions in folding the crease that runs from the lower left edge to centre of square.

    Our march is to the wickets green,Our home is at the crease.

Word Origin & History of - crease

    Word Origin & History

    crease 1570s, altered from creaste, perhaps a variant of crest, via meaning "a fold in a length of cloth" (mid-15c.) which produced a crest.

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