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Word Example of - cram

    Example Sentences for cram

    I felt that Cram must have outdone himself to have provoked one of those crushed souls to such an action.

    I'm going driving, sir, with Captain Cram's own team and road-wagon.

    Austin Clay took advantage of it also; it was a saving to his pocket, the fares having been lowered; and he rather liked a cram.

    As for Cram, what could he say when the post commander dropped the matter?

    And now Mrs. Cram's bright eyes are dancing with eagerness and delight.

    Cram strode into the wide hall-way straight to a door of the east side.

    She had a pleasant voice, yet how harsh and cold was her speech awhile ago, exactly the same voice as Cram's.

    But Cram pushed her aside as she still interposed between him and the bed.

    My short report of myself is that we had an enormous turn-away last night, and do not doubt about having a cram to-night.

    "W-e-e-ll, Philippe will have a heap to explain when he is found," was Cram's reply.

Word Origin & History of - cram

    Word Origin & History

    cram O.E. crammian "press something into something else," from P.Gmc. base *kram-/*krem-. Meaning "study intensely for an exam" is British student slang first recorded 1803.

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