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Word Example of - covenant

    Example Sentences for covenant

    But if ye hold by your covenant with me, ye will tell me the third wisdom, for of these two I have full understanding.

    The conclusion of the Covenant had been the last work of Pym.

    In a covenant the two parties are conceived as equals in point of law, binding themselves by a compact that bears on each alike.

    But still it was a covenant, and could sometimes be sued on as such.

    The covenant of peace—Christ and His Cross—is the theme of all their hymns.

    The actions of debt and covenant could not be maintained without privity.

    And this was our condition after the breach of the first covenant.

    A covenant to repair is commonly supposed to be a pure matter of contract.

    The Covenant principles for which they contended are the hope of the world.

    Why should it be necessary for one covenant running with the land more than another?

Word Origin & History of - covenant

    Word Origin & History of - covenant

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