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Word Example of - counter

    Example Sentences for counter

    She took a cage from the window and placed it on the counter.

    He had a package, which he laid upon the counter while he poured out his dram.

    “You go to the counter, pick out what you want, and bring it back here,” she explained.

    The moment he tried to get out of the saloon, I jumped over the counter and went for him.

    After handing it over the counter she set out briskly for home, stopping at a baker's to buy three penny-worth of new buns.

    Buckner had taken the package from the counter, Nick had pursued him, and the money was not found.

    Finally the stranger walked back to the counter, and put the pearl in its box.

    He testified as to the manner in which the package had disappeared from the counter of the saloon.

    The opposition was strong—old England against young England—the counter currents of old and new ideas.

    The effect of the communication must be destroyed by a counter communication.

Word Origin & History of - counter

    Word Origin & History

    counter mid-14c., "table where a money lender does business," from O.Fr. contouer "counting room, table of a bank," from M.L. computatorium "place of accounts," from L. computare (see compute). Generalized 19c. from banks to shops, then extended to display cases for goods. Countertop is attested from 1878. Phrase under the counter is from 1926.

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