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Word Example of - concordat

    Example Sentences for concordat

    To this, Russia replied, by declaring the Concordat of 1867 abrogated.

    This was a rupture of the Concordat, and was so regarded by Napoleon.

    The diocese was suppressed in 1801 and united with that of Aix, but was restablished in 1823 by virtue of the Concordat of 1817.

    Since the Concordat he nominates the dignitaries of the Church.

    Notre Dame Cathedral, service in honor of the Concordat at, ii.

    The Revolutionists did not trouble them, and they had no part in the Concordat of 1801.

    Until we have destroyed every congregation, denounced the Concordat, and broken with Rome, nothing is done.

    Thus Consalvi was designated as he who arranged the concordat.

    A concordat subsequently agreed upon by Louis and the Pope fared no better than the previous compacts.

    A few months after the ratification of the Concordat Talleyrand was secularised by the Pope.

Word Origin & History of - concordat

    Word Origin & History

    concordat "agreement between church and state on a mutual matter," 1616, from Fr. concordat (16c.), from M.L. concordatum, noun use of L. concordatum, neut. pp. of concordare "agree," from concors (gen. concordis) "of one mind" (see concord).

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